Evidu Private Limited (evidu) primary focus has been to provide eCommerce and mCommerce value added solutions to the telecommunications industry.

With a range of partnerships and agencies with some of the world class solution providers, the portfolio of solutions that evidu can provide is endless. And also we will make every effort to provide a technically advanced solution that will integrate with the clients existing infrastructure seamlessly.

Being an unbiased solution provider, evidu can offer its clients the best fit solution for each individual requirement. The ability to provide such solutions is due to the fact that evidu can work with multiple vendors and solutions on any given project.

Evidu boasts business partnerships with practically all the leading global IT companies. By liberating ourselves from one-brand domination, we're able to offer solution options based on multiple brands and vendors. These 'best-of-breed' solutions are more appropriate to customers' needs, more powerful, more economical and more easily upgradeable - all at the same time.

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